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Climbing in Zillertal

A vertical journey

The Zillertal, nestled in the Tyrolean Alps, is not only known for its breath-taking nature, but also for its challenging climbing routes. From easy beginner routes to challenging overhangs, the Zillertal offers a wide range of options for climbing enthusiasts.


The Zillertal is a true paradise for climbers. Whether you are a beginner wanting to learn the basics or an experienced climber looking for new challenges, there is something for everyone here.


Variety of routes
Varying difficulties

The various climbing areas offer a variety of routes in varying difficulties. Regardless of whether you want to enjoy the sunshine on the peaks of the Alps or improve your skills in the shady gorges – the Zillertal has something for every type of climber.


  • Via Ferratas
  • Sports climbing
  • Bouldering
  • High rope courses
Variety of routesVariety of routes

Climbing routes

Challenging climbing routes in Zillertal

The Zillertal has a variety of fascinating via ferratas to offer. Immerse yourself in a world where adrenaline and breath-taking views go hand in hand. The majestic peaks of the Tyrolean Alps await you as you wind your way along challenging climbing routes.


Experience the perfect blend of adventure and nature as you work your way up steep rock faces and see the beauty of the Zillertal below you. From beginner routes to challenging passages, the via ferratas here offer unforgettable highlights for anyone seeking the thrill of the vertical.

  • Climbing route Talbach

Climbing route length: 1357m - Climbing duration: approx. 1 h


  • Climbing route Gerlossteinwand

Climbing route length: 380m - Climbing duration: approx. 2,5 h


  • Adventure route Riederklamm - Climbing route Gerlos

Climbing route length: 40 - 400m - Climbing duration practive climbing route: approx. 2 h


  • Children's climbing route Spieljoch

Various routes of varying difficulty

Important information

  • Careful planning for a safe climbing experience
  • Only use complete and standardised equipment
  • Critical inspection of wire ropes and anchors
  • Carrying out a partner check at the start
  • Maintaining sufficient distance during climbing
  • Clear agreements when overtaking
  • Avoiding starting if there is a risk of thunderstorms
  • Respecting nature and the environment to preserve the climbing environment

Levels of difficulty

The difficulty levels of via ferratas range from A (easy) to E (extremely difficult). Even the easy routes are suitable for non-climbers, but require appropriate equipment.


Basic equipment: climbing harness, helmet, via ferrata set with shock absorbers, gloves and suitable footwear.

Sports climbing in Zillertal

Sports climbing in overhangs

Experience the fascination of sport climbing in the Zillertal, an unrivalled arena for climbing enthusiasts. Discover a variety of routes that will challenge both beginners and experienced climbers. The impressive natural scenery of the Tyrolean Alps forms the backdrop for your vertical adventure.


From gentle climbing routes to challenging overhangs, the Zillertal offers the ideal environment to test your limits while enjoying the beauty of the mountains. The sport climbing opportunities here are as varied as they are impressive – an unforgettable journey for anyone seeking the thrill of heights.

  • Climbing region Knorren 

Number of routes: 36 - altitude 2000 m - Penken


  • Via ferrata Himmelsleiter 

Number of routes: 12 - altitude 720 m - Zimmereben


  • Climbing region Bachhexe

Number of routes: 9 - altitude 850 m - Ginzling


  • Climbing region Fürstein 

Number of routes: 23 - altitude 920 m - Mayrhofen-Hippach


  • Climbing region Monkey Island 

Number of routesl: 50 - altitude 900 m - Mayrhofen-Hippach

Relaxation after the climb

Following an exciting day on the rocks we recommend relaxation in our wellness area.


Enjoy a well-deserved massage, relax in the sauna or refresh in the pool.


Our hotel im Zillertal offers not only the perfect location for adventures, but also a place for relaxation and recuperation to harmonise body and mind.


Powerful climbing without ropes and harnesses in the Zillertal.

Dive into the world of bouldering in Zillertal – a paradise for friends of powerful climbing without ropes and harnesses. There are rock formations waiting for you, which test your climbing skills. The Zillertal offers a wide variety of boulder routes for every grade of difficulty, from beginner to the most experienced in bouldering.


The unique mountain landscape of the Tyrolean Alps provides the impressive backdrop of climbing adventurers. Enjoy the freedom of bouldering, while conquering the rocks and experiencing the breath-taking views of the surrounding mountain peaks in the background.

  • Outdoor-Boulder wall Bergstation Eggalm

Modern boulder wall with varying degrees of difficulty - Tux


  • Boulder region Breitlahner

Number of boulder routes: 60 - altitude 1300-1400m - Zemmgrund


  • Boulder region Floiteck

Number of boulder routes: 15 - altitude 1050-1100m - Mayrhofen-Hippach


  • Boulder region Kaseler Alm

Number of boulder routes: 110 - altitude 1100-1200m - Mayrhofen-Hippach


  • Bouldering in KaBOOOM (Climbing centre)

Kletter area: 200 m² - Height: 4m - opening times 2 pm - midnight  - Kaltenbach

High rope courses in the Zillertal

Climbing for all ages and ability

Experience a special kind of high-altitude adventure in the high rope courses of the Zillertal. A unique combination of thrills and experiences within the countryside are waiting for you. At dizzying heights, the high rope courses offer a variety to suit all ages and abilities.


Overcome floating obstacles, balance on unsteady ropes and feel the adrenaline rush with every challenge you overcome. The breath-taking mountain scenery of the Tyrolean Alps forms the backdrop for your airy adventure. Immerse yourself in the world of high rope courses in the Zillertal – an unforgettable experience for anyone looking for the special thrill of heights

  • Adventure land Gerlos

Gerlos 196, 6281 Gerlos


  • Adventure park high rope course Zillertal

Untere Embergstr. 2 (Parkplatz), 6272 Kaltenbach


  • High rope course Gerlos

Hnr. 209, 6281 Gerlos


  • Children's climbing garden Spieljoch

Hochfügenerstr. 77, 6263 Fügen

Impressive natural backdrop
Enjoy the beauty of nature

Away from the climbing routes, the Zillertal offers an impressive natural backdrop that makes every visit an unforgettable experience.


The sound of the river, the scent of the alpine flowers and the majestic peaks, that tower before you, create an atmosphere, which completes the experience.


Here it is not only possible to improve your sporting skills, but also enjoy the beauty of nature to the full.

Impressive natural backdropImpressive natural backdrop

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