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Tobogganing in Zillertal

Fun for young and old in Zillertal

Tobogganing is a popular winter sport that delights young and old alike. Especially in Zillertal, one of Austria’s best-known winter sports regions, you can experience tobogganing fun at the highest level. A total of 48 kilometres of perfectly groomed toboggan runs are at your disposal.


28 kilometres of these are floodlit in the evening to offer you an unforgettable experience, so that nothing stands in the way of exciting night-time tobogganing! Whether in bright sunshine or under a starry sky – what would a winter holiday be without a toboggan run and a stop for refreshments afterwards?

Tobogganing in Tux

The magic of winter is revealed in all its splendour in the Zillertal, paradise for winter sports enthusiasts in the Tyrolean Alps. One of the favourite pastimes for young and old alike is tobogganing, which has a very special appeal in the picturesque setting of the Tuxertal.


The tobogganing experience in Tux often begins with a leisurely hike or a ride on the gondola to the top station. Once you have reached the top, you will usually find well prepared toboggans are available for you to hire. Then you’re off, down the glistening hill – unforgettable fun, that not only puts smiles on the young faces.

Toboggan runs in Tux
Leisurely or challenging

The Tuxertal offers several toboggan runs and tracks that are suitable for all ages and abilities. From cosy, family-friendly toboggan runs to challenging routes for the more experienced, there is something for everyone here.


We would like to introduce you to 3 selected toboggan runs in more detail here:


  • Bichlalm toboggan run
  • Höllensteinhütte toboggan run
  • Grieralm toboggan run
Toboggan runs in TuxToboggan runs in Tux

Bichlalm toboggan run

Top-class tobogganing in Zillertal

The toboggan run Bichlalm is an absolute must for all those looking for adventure. Located in the picturesque landscape of Tux in Tyrol, this approx. 3 kilometre long track provides a top-class experience.


The Bichlalm is well-known for its natural beauty and excellent conditions. The toboggan run is well prepared and ideal for all age groups. During an exciting run you can also enjoy breath-taking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

Information for the Bichlalm toboggan run

  • Length: 3 km
  • Difference in altitude: 175 m
  • Total walking time: 1 h
  • Alternative option: Ascent by taxi possible
  • Separate ascent: No
  • Toboggan hire: Bichlalm
  • NIght tobogganing: yes
  • Difficulty: easy

A further highlight of the Bichlalm toboggan run is the floodlit night toboggan run, which offers a completely unique and unforgettable experience. Imagine whizzing through the snow-covered landscape under a starry sky – an unforgettable experience!

Höllensteinhütte toboggan run

Adrenaline and the joy of tobogganing

The Höllensteinhütte toboggan run is a true winter paradise for all those who love the adrenaline and the joy of tobogganing. It is located in the idyllic Tuxertal, part of the Zillertal in Tyrol and is an absolute must for every winter sports fan.


The toboggan run is around 4 kilometres long and leads through the picturesque winter landscape directly to the rustic Höllensteinhütte. Here you can top up your energy levels with traditional Tyrolean specialities and enjoy the cosy atmosphere before setting off on your toboggan again.

Information for the Höllensteinhütte toboggan run

  • Length: 4 km
  • Altitude difference: 390 m
  • Total walking time: 1 h 30 min
  • Alternative transport: No
  • Seperate ascent: Nein
  • Toboggan hire: No
  • Night tobogganing: family toboggan run only
  • Difficulty: easy


Whether by day or night, the Höllensteinhütte toboggan run promises an exciting and unforgettable adventure. So grab your toboggan and winter clothes and experience the magical beauty of winter in Tyrol on the Höllensteinhütte toboggan run.

Grieralm toboggan run

Tobogganing in the picturesque landscape of the Zillertal

The Grieralm toboggan run, with a length of 4 kilometres is one of the longest toboggan runs in the area and offers unforgettable tobogganing joy embedded in the picturesque alpine landscape. The journey with the toboggan down into the valley is an exhilarating experience, offering both excitingly fast and gentler passages.


The well prepared track runs through deep snowy forests and offers a breath-taking view of the surrounding mountains.

Information for the Grieralm toboggan run

  • Length: 4 km
  • Difference in altitude: 450 m
  • Total walking time: 1 h 30 min
  • Alternative method of transport: Taxi (at certain times)
  • Seperate ascent: yes
  • Toboggan hire: Grieralm
  • Night tobogganing: daily
  • Difficulty: intermediate

But it’s not just the toboggan run itself, the Grieralm at an altitude of 1 787 metres is also a highlight. Here you can top up your energy levels with regional specialities before or after your toboggan run and enjoy the Tryrolean hospitality.


Tobogganing in Tux in Zillertal is undoubtedly a winter pleasure that you don’t want to miss out on. Whether you’re experienced on a toboggan or a newcomer – the fascinating landscape and the variety of tobogganing options in the Tuxertal will inspire you. So pack your winter gear and get ready for an unrivalled adventure in the snow!

Unforgettable moments
Time with the family

Tobogganing is more than a fun sport. It is an opportunity, to enjoy the beauty of nature, experience the quietness of the forests and breathe in the fresh mountain air. Above all it is a perfect way of spending time with the family or friends and enjoying unforgettable winter moments together.


After a day full of fun on the toboggan, the local huts and restaurants in Tuxertal invite you to relax. Let the day draw to a close over a cup of hot tea or mulled wine and reflect on the day’s experiences.

Unforgettable momentsUnforgettable moments

Safety tips for tobogganing

Tobogganing is an enjoyable winter sport, but with a few risks. So that you can enjoy your tobogganing experience in the Zillertal to the full, we have put together a few safety tips. From the correct equipment to the ideal toboggan run – these tips help you to keep an eye on safety and fun.

Always wear the correct safety equipment such as a helmet to avoid head injuries. Knee protectors, elbow protectors and gloves can provide extra protection.

It is best to only toboggan on the designated toboggan runs. Avoid steep slopes and slopes with a gradient.

Follow the local tobogganing rules and pay attention to signs. These provide information about possible dangers, speed limits and other important information.

Only toboggan when there is sufficient visibility and avoid tobogganing in the dark. If you are out at dusk, wear reflective clothing so that others can see you.

Adapt your speed to the conditions and avoid excessive speeds. Always have your toboggan under control, especially on bends and step sections.

Always keep enough distance between yourself and other toboggans and observe the right of way rules. Avoid collisions and be particularly careful around children.

Take note of the actual weather conditions. On ice and hard-packed snow the toboggan run is extremely slippery, which can lead to higher speeds. If conditions are unfavourable, you may be advised to opt for a safer alternative.

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