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Ski touring in Zillertal

The Zillertal is a paradise for ski touring

Welcome to one of the most beautiful winter landscapes in Austria, the Zillertal. Here, where snow-covered peaks characterise the landscape and nature shows its majestic side, there are ideal conditions for ski touring. We would like to give you a brief overview of ski tours in the Zillertal and focus specifically on the possibilities around the village of Tux.


The Zillertal is a true paradise for ski touring. With around 800 kilometres of slopes and countless ski touring routes, the valley offers a wide range of options for beginners and advanced skiers alike. The tours lead through snow-covered forests, across glistening snowfields and up to impressive peaks from which you can enjoy breath-taking views of the Zillertal. You can enjoy the peace and seclusion of nature, far away from the hustle and bustle of the ski resort.

Ski touring around Tux

Ideal starting point for ski tours

Tux is an ideal place or those wanting to participate in ski tours. The village lies at an altitude of 1300 metres in altitude and is surrounded by several 3000 m peaks. There are various tours that you can undertake, something to suite everybody.


The advantage is that there is the perfect tour for all abilities. It is important to note that there are various paths leading to the same goal, therefore a tour that is marked as easy can, through a change of track become an intermediate or difficult route.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a leisurely tour with minimum difference in altitude, or a challenging summit tour – the perfect route can be found around Tux.


Tux offers numerous possibilities for ski touring. You can undertake easy tours to get used to it, or difficult tours that provide a real challenge.


Whichever tour you choose, the spectacular views will not fail to impress. Therefore if you are on the lookout for a place for ski touring, then Tux is a great choice.

For beginners and experienced
The perfect tour for everyone

Tux offers a great introduction to ski touring for beginners. There are easy routes that are reachable in a short amount of time. Here are 2 examples:


  • Grübelspitze 2.395m - Tuxer Voralpen
  • Rastkogel 2.762m - Tuxer Voralpen


Tux has numerous challenging tours for the advanced. There are many summits that are a real pleasure to climb. Here are 2 examples:


  • Am Flach 2.248m - Tuxer Hauptkamm
  • Hoher Riffler 3.228m- Tuxer Hauptkamm
For beginners and experiencedFor beginners and experienced

Ski tours for beginners

These tours are a good opportunity to learn the basics of ski touring. They allow you to get used to the feeling and movement of ski touring. 


The easy ski tour to the Grübelspitze is ideal for beginners as the cable car takes you almost to the highest point of the route. The subsequent descent is particularly long and leads over the slopes of the Waldhoralm and a forest road down to the valley.


Difficulty: easy
Duration: approx. 2,5 hours
Legnth: 4,1 km
Altitude difference: 100 hm
Descent: 1.100 hm
Max. altitude: 2.395 m
Starting point: Eggalmbahn-Beillift at 2300m


The ultimate mountain for ski tours: take a break at the summit and take your time – the view is first-class! There are numerous options for the descent on this tour.


Difficulty: easy
Duration: 2,5 - 3,5 hours
Length: 2 km
Altitude difference: approx. 400 hm
Descent: 1.400 hm
Max. altitude: 2.762 m
Starting point: Tux-Vorderlanersbach - Bergstation 8 man chairlift Horbergjoch


Must haves for ski touring

  • The correct equipment

(Touring skis, touring ski boots, skins, poles, ruck-sack etc.)

  • Ski touring clothing
  • Safety equipment
  • Sun cream (reflection from the snow)
  • Warm tea and snacks


Important: Ski tours only in the company of a mountain guide!

Safety first

Please take note of the actual avalanche situation before every ski tour.


Safety is always top priority!


Take the opportunity to find out more at the local ski school or tourist office and maybe book a guided ski tour.

Ski tours for the experienced

These routes are suitable for advanced hikers and often take several hours, but the views you get are definitely worth it.

Am Flach

This ski route offers an impressive view of the Tuxertal and Zillertal. Due to its safe ascent, the tour to the Flach is already possible at the beginning of winter. For the most part it runs through wooded terrain. Nevertheless, it is advisable to check the snow cover, especially in early winter.


Difficulty: easy-intermediate
Duration: 4 hours
Difference in altitude: 1020 hm
Descent: In the area of the track back to the Höllensteinhütte and further down to Juns
Max. altitude: 2.248 m
Starting point: Juns, Car park, Heliport or. Bus stop „Tuxer Mühle“

Hoher Riffler

Thanks to the mountain lifts, the ascent is short and easy, but due to the challenging descent, this tour is more suitable for experienced alpine skiers. However, the short ascent is rewarded with a breath-taking view of the Tux Alps. The tour offers a high degree of variability in terms of downhill options.


Difficulty: easy ascent, difficult descent
Duration: 5-6 hours
Ascent: 600 hm
Descent: 1.700 hm
Max. altitude: 3.168 m
Starting point: Tuxer Fernerhaus

Whichever tour you decide on, Ski touring in Zillertal is an unforgettable experience. It offers the possibility to discover the mountains away from the busy slopes and enjoy the beauty of nature in peace.

Safety tips for ski touring

Before you set off for the snow covered peaks, it is important to prioritise safety. Here are seven essential safety tips to make your ski touring experience in the Zillertal as safe as possible.

Inform yourself about the current avalanche situation, allowing you to plan your tour accordingly.

Before you start, carefully check your equipment. This should always include an avalanche transceiver, probe, shovel, avalanche airbag and a first aid kit, all of which must be in working order.

Follow the weather forecast carefully to avoid unexpected changes in conditions. Strong wind, fog or heavy snowfall can increase the risk.

Think about the route you choose and make sure the conditions are suitable. Consider the steepness of the slope, possible avalanche areas and the terrain.

Plan your ski tour in advance and share your route with people you trust. Inform them of your planned return time.

Knowledge of first aid and how to react in an avalanche rescue are essential. In case of emergency you must know how to react and organise help.

Ideally you should not go on a ski tour alone. In a group you can support each other and react more quickly in an emergency. Make sure that all members of the group have sufficient experience and skills.

Enjoy your ski tour in Zillertal to the full, but never forget that safety always comes first!

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